About Horouf

Horouf is a publishing subsidiary of Kalimat Group and is specialised in creating contemporary & innovative educational tools for children in Arabic. Launched in (2013), it has published numerous print & digital works, in additions to interactive applications. It has also worked on research projects before it was officially launched with 30 schools in Sharjah to explore, develop and understand best practices in educational publishing, and children’s development.

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 Answering to the ever-increasing levels of literacy, Horouf adopted a blended and thorough methodology that actualises its educational strategy. Focusing on both traditional and contemporary tools, it mixes print and digital tools to empower parents and children and build their capability to face the challenges of learning in our modern age and time. This blended methodology also allows for a wider social inclusion of all sectors of society, both with and without access to technology.

Horouf’s children books are popular amongst parents and children alike. Their selections of books are written by renowned children’s storytellers from around the Middle East, and designed by talented designers and illustrators from around the world and reviewed by educational consultants and advisors. The published books include best-sellers “The big book, Imrah: Asfoora series, and Imrah: Farashah series. Horouf also published the Levelled Readers, which is one of their best-selling series that helps children learn reading. It consists of several stages and levels that introduce reading starting from KG-levels, moving up to primary school levels.

All books are available in print and digital formats, and are written in Arabic.

Horouf also produced a selection of state-of-the-art digital books, and interactive applications. They encourage children and parents to navigate through several stories, exercises, and other tools created to complement and enhance the story experience.

Among the popular applications is Qartoos, and Horouf that include within them digital books, narrated stories, games and exercises. All designed to give children and parents a platform free learning, and enhance their digital experience. All applications and e-books are available on both iOS and Android.
Horouf aims to make learning ‘fun’ again for children. It provides an array of interactive applications and engaging publications that support free learning, in which children are encouraged to search, explore and learn Arabic.


Horouf adopts a well-balanced blended methodology into its education strategy. It combines both print & digital productions to answer to the ever-increasing levels of literacy. Its focus on traditional publishing has seen the production of a selection of books and publications that cater for children in different age groups.

With playful illustrations and stories that cover different aspects of a child’s life and journey, it prides itself in being one of the pioneers of

contemporary storytelling in the Arab world, and believes that focusing on traditional methods of storytelling allows for a wider social inclusion of all sectors of society, especially those without access to technology.

Horouf also launched several interactive applications that cater to children and parents alike, and encourage exploration, learning and research for children from ages 2 to 10.

Kalimat Group

kalimat_group_aboutKalimat Group is the regional frontrunner in the field of Arabic Literature publishing, dedicated to progress through innovation.We aim to inspire people’s passion for reading through excellence in publishing in a rewarding, creative, and motivated working environment that attracts the best talent in the industry.
Kalimat Group is comprised of “Kalimat”, an award-winning publisher of Arabic children’s books; “Horouf”, first-of-its-kind initiative that offer a modern and integrated educational system in Arabic language; “Rewayat”, specialized in chapter books targeting Adults and YA. In addition to “Maktaba”, the outstanding literary café that offers a unique environment that enrich the passion of reading.